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We are an open and affirming congregation that welcomes and embraces persons of every gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age and ability. We invite you to join in the life and ministry of our church.


Lent 2015


We have begun our Lenten journey!  Our theme for Lent is Share Your Story/Share the Story.  We will immerse ourselves in the parables/stories Jesus told and connect our individual stories to God's unfolding story in our lives.  We pray you will join us for a meaningful Lenten series on Sunday mornings (9 am and 11 am) as we journey to the cross and the glory of Easter Morning.  All are welcome...and bring a friend!


Grace Traces

Tuesday, February 24

What to do Part One

I wonder in Jesus' day how many people had a marching band precede them into the temple? How many people had their own theme music as they dropped an offering into the coffers in the temple? I think we all like a little fanfare and recognition. I walk into so many buildings and there is a wall of names in glass or brass or granite that declares who contributed money. I go to a theater and in the pages of the program are names of the patrons of the art. I go to my children's school....yes school...and the "business partners" are listed on the wall. In a world of consumerism and constant commercials; in a world where we are told that you consume therefore you are; and what you buy is part of your identity ("Oh I am totally a Mac, not a PC," we say at parties as though hat distinguishes us in some way from millions of others), I struggle with this passage.

 I struggle also because the church is not immune from the above pressures.....Read More

Worship This Sunday

Please join us this Sunday at 9 and 11 am

This Sunday, March 1st for the Second Sunday of Lent.  We will continue to deal with and dwell in the parables Jesus told, you are encouraged to read Matthew 20:1-16 before church, click here to read.   Our Adult Choirs will sing during both services and our Thursday Knights will sing, "We See God's Glory All Around" at the 9 am service.  Everyone is welcome and bring a friend for this service.  We especially welcome any friends from up North who are here for a few weeks enjoying the Florida sunshine. All are welcome here: whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey.  


Bible Study

As we move deeper into 2015, the Bible Study group continues to read the Gospel of Matthew.  It is the hope and prayer that by going chapter by chapter this will deepen the experience people have on Sunday morning when we touch down in a specific chapter and few verses.  The Bible Study table is always open.  We meet on Wednesday mornings from 11 am to noon in Fellowship Hall.  Hope to see you there!

February 25  Matthew 14-15

March 4   Matthew 16-17

March 11  Matthew 18-19

March 18  Matthew 20-21

Please know that all chapters are tentative, we try to stay open to the Holy Spirit...sometimes lingering over a verse or chapter longer than the above schedule.  See Pastor Wes for the exact chapter each week.

Hope you will join in the conversation.  You are always welcome.

Contact Information

First Congregational United Church of Christ
1031 S. Euclid Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34237
Phone: (941) 953-7044 or (941) 365-4463
Fax: (941) 952-5245

Email: uccsarasota@aol.com

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